WISHES ON A FALLING STAR [feature documentary]

Cuba, in the 50th year of the Revolution.
While the Castro brothers face their certain end, an uncertain future hangs over the island. Some people are afraid, many cannot wait, but all shudder and hope that the changes will be positive.
This documentary leads the audience through the discovery of this hope, through a tourist’s camera which looks to be turned off and oblivious to the conversation at hand, yet is focused on candidly capturing each person’s wishes.
There is the old guerrillero who took part in the revolution, the lady who met Che Guevara and lives thanks to the government social card, and also the young boys and girls – those who wish to make a career within the rules, as well as those who only try to escape abroad.
Clandestine underground shops, businessmen experienced in all things illegal, dodgy pimps, mothers who force their daughters into selling their bodies – the hidden face of the State which welcomes tourists into its luxury resorts is openly displayed beyond censorship’s control.
One special guide is Yoani Sanchez, the independent blogger, a leader of the new, peaceful revolution – the revolution of ideas. The internet is its main instrument, while the government attempts to limit computer use with any means possible in a pushing and pulling of ideals. In the interview, recorded in a secret location, the young writer speaks about her country’s ruin, and where Raul’s reforms have no effect on everyday life.
Castro’s supporters and dissidents, young and old – none deceive themselves that the star of the revolution will shine on for much longer.
And this is what this project focuses on: the wishes on a falling star.

Wishes on a Falling Star - Poster 2