About me

I was born in Italy in 1980 and graduated as Multimedia Project Manager in 2005.
I am a self taught photographer since early 2000s and began working in the media field as a professional in 2003.
I live in Milan but I frequently travel around the world to bring my projects forward.

In the last 3 years my photos have been exhibited in three different venues. In Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence, in Udine related to the Far East Film Festival and in Milan. The exhibition is named Cosplay. My photographs have been featured also in a number of print and online publications worldwide.

Here there are some of the publications featuring my photos during the years

[ITALY] “Nihon to Cosmoplay” (2011)

[ITALY] “La Repubblica XL” (2010)
[ITALY] “Millionaire” (2010)
[JAPAN] Cover and pages of the book “Otacool” (2010)
[ITALY] “Metro” (2010)
[COLOMBIA] “El Tiempo” (2009)
[MEXICO] “Maxim” (2007)
[ITALY] “The Games Machine” (2007)
[JAPAN] “Coscure Magazine #2″ (2006)
[BRAZIL] “Anime Invaders” (2006)
[MEXICO] “Atomix Magazine” (2006)
[MEXICO] “FANDOM Magazine” (2006)

[JAPAN] Cure Live advertising on “CosCure Magazine # 1″ (2005)
[JAPAN] “Layers Magazine” (2005)
[GERMANY] “Koneko Magazine” (2005)
[ITALY] “La Nazione” (2005)
[MEXICO] “Cosplay Stars Magazine” (2004)
[ITALY] “Tribe Magazine” (2004)
[UNITED KINGDOM] “Cube Magazine” (2004)
[JAPAN] “Cosmode” (2004)
[ITALY] “Musica di Repubblica” (2004)
[ITALY] “PC Action Magazine” (2004)
[ITALY] “Evolution Magazine” (2003)
[JAPAN]“100% Windows Magazine” (2002)





I am also a video maker, director and video editor. My last feature documentary “Wishes on a Falling Star” has been broadcasted on Italian national TV channel Rai Tre with a 12% average rating. It is now fully available online for the audence.
I also worked on video editing and color grading for the official fashion show videos by some of the major fashion brands like GucciBurberryBottega Veneta and Missoni and special exclusive videos featured in the brand new Gucci Museum opened in Florence, Italy.

and here it is some recognitions of my video work

2010 Valdarno Cinema Fedic – Best Documentary “Wishes on a falling star”
Digifestival – Best Movie “Ultimo spettacolo”

and a collection of some of my interviews online
Interview on OVO [IT]
Interview on EveryEye [IT]
Interview on Fandomania [EN]